Carnival-Ball “Sacred and Profane Love”

Carnival-Ball “Sacred and Profane Love”

February 14th, 2020


Love and passion blend well between lovers especially in February. Immerse yourselves in eternally romantic and passionate Venice.

Inspired by the masterpiece of Tiziano Vecellio “L’Amor Sacro e Amor Profano” in the magical atmosphere of the Hotel Heureka, you will be invited to enjoy and to celebrate with us the 2020 Carnival Ball!

A Festival of Love, with magical atmospheres, theatrical sets, installations and costumes interpreted with art and creativity. Artists and music will entertain guests with shows and entertainment.

It is true that the love between two lovers is among the most sacred things that exist but it is equally true that passion is not a sin … if the end is the triumph of love.

Amor Sacro o Amor Profano?
Who could imagine this ?
Finally both triumphed in the magic night at Palazzo Heureka.

Enjoy the video and the Gallery: “Sacred and Profane Love“

Venice Fashion Week 2019 at Heureka

Venice Fashion Week 2019

Hotel Heureka | Michel Mayer | Venice Fashion Week

Saturday 19th October 2019

The Venice Fashion Week brings sartorial, ethical and slow fashion to Venice

On this special occasion, Hotel Heureka hosted the exclusive Fashion Show of the new collection of the Viennese designer Michél Mayer.

Photo credits: VeniceFashionWeek | Marta Mortello | Roberto Rosa | Viola Rossa

Il Carnevale di Venezia “Viaggiatori nel Tempo”

Il Carnevale di Venezia
“Viaggiatori nel Tempo”

Saturday 23 rd of February 2019

The first Carnival party has been a great success, Hotel Heureka have created an evening inspired by the great travelers of these bygone days: both past and present … historical moments and contemporary visions … The guests were transported into a journey through time, reliving the grandeur and splendor of the city at the height of its time … and living the incredible mosaic of Style and Art… between Modern arts and History….

Enjoy the video and the Gallery: “I viaggiatori nel Tempo “

The Food of Venice and its lagoon with Russell Norman & Hotel Heureka

The Food of Venice and its lagoon
with Russell Norman & Hotel Heureka

October 2018