Live as a Venetian and find the true heart of Venice

For a fully customized and personalized event experience, there’s no better option than a hotel buyout. Now you have the opportunity to reserve these experiences exclusively for your private event or group getaway.

Treat you and your guests to the utmost in privacy. Enjoy the increased security and confidentiality that comes with a boutique hotel reserved exclusively for your use.

…Reserve the Hotel Heureka for high-level rewards, incentives,or your lifetime event…

Discover our special arrangement for your Palazzo exclusive use

Discover our TOP 10 reasons & benefits

1. Live as a Venetian

Reserve an authentic 16th Century Venetian Palazzo with 10 bedrooms all individually designed and rich in history, two private noble floors and a secret garden.
Combine the comfort of a modern boutique hotel with the charm of a private residence, this experience will leave you breathless.

2. Discover the true hearth of Venice

Hotel Heureka is situated in one of the liveliest and vibrant districts in the city, in the north-western Sestiere of Cannaregio. Just take a walk along the canals in the area to immerse yourself in the very soul of Venice, among extraordinary churches, historical buildings, and unexpected glimpses of the lagoon. Within walking distance of the hotel, you will find the typical trattorias and taverns where you can enjoy delicious aperitifs and local specialities to satisfy all tastes.

3. Exclusivity & Privacy

Enjoy privileged access to all the property’s amenities and services. Comes directly to our private waterfront entrance, accessible for water taxi and private boats.
Enjoy the increased security and confidentiality that comes with a boutique hotel reserved exclusively for your use. Ensure the highest level in privacy and intimacy for you and your guests and live a fully customize experience and event in a private Venetian Palazzo.

4. Extraordinary venues

The entire palazzo can be booked for private functions, weddings, exclusive events, or for a family party marking a landmark anniversary.
Host events in settings of unrivalled beauty, Venice is unique, the water is incorporated into the life of the city, its charm and mystery always attracted the attention of visitors. Tailor the whole hotel to your event or group getaway. Spaces and Noble floors can be customised with bespoke decor, your company’s branding collateral, artistic entertainment and the event set-up of your choosing to turn any event into an unforgettable experience.
A grand piano and music room are also available for private concerts and live music.

5. Culinary experiences

Let us create the exact facilities you need for your event – enjoying more flexibility and access without other guests in house.
The whole Hotel team is dedicated to your group, so you can do whatever you want at whatever time you want. An amazing “Salone” on the piano Nobile, available only by privatizing the hotel, give you the possibility to create bespoken events for your special occasion, your group or refined gala dinner.
Furthermore our Palazzo hides a real treasure: a “secret” garden, perfect location for private dining, standing cocktail, art exhibitions, or musical evenings.
A bar and fully equipped kitchen facilities for bespoke catering, cooking classes or culinary events are at your disposal.

6. Local tailormade experiences

Enjoy a true way to discover Venice!
Give your guests an unforgettable local experience or fill their days with a range of tailor-made activities between Art, Food and Nature in the most authentic and hidden gems of Venice, such as visit a Squero, the ancient art of gondola building or the Scuola Grande San Rocco, Tintoretto’s “Sistine Chapel” and much more.

7. Ultimate vip experience

Reward yourself and your guests with the highest level of appreciation and VIP status. Everyone in attendance feels like a valued insider, playing at the top of their game. They enjoy a real sense of pride and power, knowing that a whole venetian Palace has been reserved just for them.

8. Personalization

You will get the “keys to the castle” to plan a function that is specifically tailored toward what you and your guests are looking to accomplish. Not only do they know that undivided attention is being given to attendees, but you can customize a program that fits the exact preferences and needs of your party for a real tailormade experience.

9. Total room inventory

You have access to the hotel’s entire room inventory, the amazing Salone on the first and second floor.
You can use these spaces and the amazing Salone to host private meetings, cocktail parties or dinners.

10. Professional service

The whole Team is at your complete disposal before, during and after the event, for a discrete highly personalized service experience.
You will be fully assisted for your in-house as well as for your outside experiences.
A wide range of services are offered, from transportation and transfers reservation, reservation of private excursions in the city, to a full event planning assistance.
We guarantee access and contact to the most professional partners in the region to ensure the best service on every occasion.

Do you have any further wishes? Ask us - we look forward to hearing from you!

Feel free to contact us for anything you may need. Use the contact form below or email: , Telephone: +39 041 52 46 460


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