The first historical signs of the Venice Carnival date back to 1094, under the slate of Vitale Falier, in a document that speaks of public entertainment in the days preceding Lent. The official document declaring Carnival a public holiday is 1296 when the Senate of the Republic declared a public holiday on the last day of Lent.

Today Venice and its Carnival offer many possibilities to live an unforgettable experience, from the parades of masks and historical costumes in Piazza San Marco, street artists in the popular neighborhoods of Cannaregio and Castello up to exclusive dances in the historic palaces on the Grand Canal.

Book your stay from Saturday 16 February to Tuesday 5 March 2019 and immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of the Carnival.
Children up to 16 years free if they stay in their parents’ room.

CARNIVALEvery man mind, but give him a mask and he will be sincere.

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