Secret Venice: Noble Palaces and Hidden Gardens

Venice is also famous for its majestic Palazzi Nobili, evidence of a past and a history of artistic and economic wealth and splendor. Visit some of the most beautiful and opulent Palazzi and private gardens, with advance reservations you can visit places that still exude the splendor and elegance of the Serenissima. Some of the Palaces and Private Gardens that can be visited:
Palazzo Grimani of Santa Maria Formosa is an ancient aristocratic palace, now a state museum.
Palazzo Nani Bernardo and its magical garden. The palace was built in the mid-1500s, during the transitional period between Renaissance and Baroque. At the back of the palace is a refined secret garden that, among many wonders, is home to the tallest palm tree in Venice and a monumental wisteria.
Palazzo Pisani Moretta, majestic palace on the Grand Canal with noble halls finely frescoed by Tiepolo.
Palazzetto Pisani Ferri, Splendid stately building overlooking the Grand Canal, near Campo Santo Stefano and the Accademia Bridge.
Grand Hotel Dei Dogi Garden, historic and majestic garden located at Madonna dell’ Orto, created in the 1700s as a true botanical garden.

Duration: Starting from 3 hours


credits Simone Padovani / Behind Venice

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