Venice and Its Minor Churches: Gesuiti, Miracoli and San Francesco della Vigna

Accompanied by an expert guide you will discover some of the most beautiful churches in Venice, lesser known but true masterpieces and treasure chests of Venice’s art history.
You will begin with a visit to the Church of the Jesuits, a Baroque jewel, famous for its polychrome marble worked on mastery so that it looks like fabric.
After a short walk, the small but wonderful Church of Miracles, a jewel of the early Venetian Renaissance, will leave you breathless.
To finish you will admire the church of San Francesco della Vigna, in the Castello sestiere, in a still unexplored Venice full of charm. u began by Jacopo Sansovino in 1534 and completed in 1554. Ten years later (1564) Andrea Palladio was commissioned to build the grandiose facade. It constitutes one of the major architectures of the Venetian Renaissance and together with the cloisters and bell tower forms one of the most interesting church complexes in Venice. Inside you can admire works by Bellini, Paolo Veronese.

Duration: Minimum 3 hours


credits Simone Padovani / Behind Venice

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