The oldest Ghetto in the world

The oldest Ghetto in the world, enclosed among the tallest buildings in Venice is a place where there is a unique atmosphere, as if it were a city within a city.
From here all the world’s ghettos took their name beginning in 1516, also as a result of the bloody Spanish inquisition of the preceding decades, when the Council of Ten decreed that all Jews had to live in a circumscribed area. It soon became a meeting point for Jews from Europe and the Mediterranean and a place of strategic importance in the economy of the Venetian Republic.
A guide will take you on a tour of some of the places in Cannaregio and the Jewish Ghetto, telling you the history of the oldest ghetto in the world, you can also visit the beautiful and well-preserved synagogues making use of the guides dedicated exclusively for these places.

Duration: Minimum 2 hours



credits Simone Padovani / Behind Venice

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credits Simone Padovani / Behind Venice